While pregnant I developed high blood pressure. The last two months of my pregnancy I received weekly acupuncture and took herbs prescribed by Marisa. With this I was able to keep my blood pressure at a safe level and have a natural home birth. – Carol

I was overdue and my doctor was threatening to induce labor within the next week. One treatment with Marisa and I went into labor the next day. Thank you. 
– Laura

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 1 year. At Marisa's office not only did I receive very relaxing and effective acupuncture but also a lot of education regarding my own body and its fertility. I believe that the acupuncture, herbs, and education had a direct influence on me becoming pregnant. 
– Breanna

I suffer from chronic pain. Marisa Mijares and her expertise in using acupuncture, cupping, heat, and Chinese herbal remedies provide me relief where western medicine has failed. Marisa is awesome. She is extremely personable and very well trained. – Heidi

If I am stressed, suffer pain from overuse injuries, or my digestive system gets out of whack as it seems to be doing a lot more as I age, Marisa knows which points on the body will bring the most relief, the quickest. I have also found immediate relief from seasonal allergies using her therapies. – A. R.

Marisa knows her craft and practices it well for her clients’ benefit. Give yourself a lovely, long overdue treat(ment) by booking an appointment to see her, you won’t be disappointed.   H.T.

I had struggled for eight months with arm and shoulder pain that often limited my ability to pick up heavy things, left my hand(s) tingling and my arm falling asleep at night. I explained I’d tried everything from doctors to massage to icing, heating and reworking my exercise routine with a trainer, to no relief… after one acupuncture treatment (painless) I felt little to no pain…after three treatments I was back to normal… she’s a magician! It’s been 10 months since I’ve had any pain. 
– Amy


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